Sunday, November 19, 2006

So, holy mackerel, here I am at Step 4, right here, right now, right in the shower. Until that moment, Step 4 was always at a comfortable distance in the future. And I remembered a remark an oldtimer made to me -- which I hadn't paid much attention to, because I was pissed off at the arrogant old know-it-all for something else he had already said -- after a meeting last week. "The characteristics we most hate in others are often the things that are our own worst character defects. So we can use those feelings and judgments we have about others, and test if we aren't holding up a mirror to ourselves."
And so that oldtimer's remark clicked right into place. I've already been working Step 4 without realizing it. All of these good people have been kindly holding up mirrors for me, to help me see clearly the character defects I have that I need to inventory. All I have to do is write down these judgments I've been making about all these people in the past couple weeks, and I'll have a pretty good start on the first 20 or 30 pages of my Step 4.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I'm so proud of this little project that started a couple months ago. It has now blossomed from Iron Dukes to Zorro, and finally Bandido.
Bandido had celebrated their 4th gig by playing in the much awaited Xavier charity concert SERUM. Due to to claret's exam week, we had been unable to practice our new songs lined up. Thus, we had to play our usual Foo Fighters cover lineup.
T'was fun though, even though my amp was kinda acting up. Klaire and Klaudine were hosting the thing, and saw Mike, David, who missed our entire set, and Sam. Her band Barely Legal played, and as usual, they were amazing. We ate in Summer Palace afterwards, but i ate that queer tasting puto thing, and I kinda lost my appetite. Adrenaline rush is most likely the one to blame. Oh yeah, another thing... It was sponsered by Rainforest Mineral Water, but I saw NO poster, bottle or product whatsoever of Rainforest Water Company. They served us Coke, but no water. Hmph.
We have a couple gigs for this month and next, so if you're free, drop by. I'll finalize things and post it soon. Covering Enter Sandman and Secret Touch by Rush, I gotta start practicing!
I was listening to Prom of Sugarfree, and it reminded me that my prom is 2 1/2 weeks away. I'm not up to it. No date. Hahaha! Masaya to!

Monday, March 20, 2006

This site is about my life as a house wife with one boy of 3 years.

Friday, February 03, 2006

The next morning, it is necessary to disentangle the wire of fishing wedged in wind mill, then we move towards Rodney Bay in order to be able to early leave the following day towards Martinique. Like the weather is very nice, we make dry our business wet (hand towels, jacket of quarter, tee-shirt, etc). Suddenly, Fabrice howls : my jacket of quarter leaves to water ! Here is a good occasion to learn how to make a manœuvre man with the sea ! Fortunately that the " shipwrecked woman " floats because we must begin there with twice to collect it with the blunder, finally without any problem. It is soaked just a little and full of salt.

After this animated episode, we leave bay. There is more wind and the boat moves back ! While waiting for that the wind rises, we pass so full catamarans of tourist whom we cannot see spaces vacuum between the two hulls. is rather impressive ! The wind finally condescends to recover to blow. We benefit from it and PelloH the first, which lies down on its bilge. Tristan decides to leave the lines fishing but what a galère again ! The wire get mixed up. I disentangle them first once but the second, is Tristan which sticks there. There will not be yet a fish this midday !

We arrive at Rodney Bay. I decide to go up in top of the mast to contemplate PelloH top. Xavier and Tristan hoist me at the top, I take photographs and the three boys amuse to balance the ship in hanging to the stays, which is very unpleasant when one is in the heights ! Then, they reduce me and I go directly towards the front berth, while passing by open port-hole qu’they close again on me while saying : " in its cage, the monkey ! ". Afterwards, we will visit pigeon island. There are two peaks to climb with a fort on the first. The rises offer to us a splendid sight on any island. Tristan is disgusted a little because it notices waves and a surfer on the spot : it thinks that, it returns, it will be with its board !

The boys decide to play the freesbee on the beach then to take their shower there. I benefit being only on board from PelloH to also make a bit of toilet. We then will dine at the restaurant on the bank, which is with a few meters of the boat. It is s a very accessible place, where there is even a bookshop. Books are not to sell there but exchange : we can deposit our own books and take of them different, left by the preceding visitors. We taste very good and heavy meal then let us go on the beach to take last glass face to face in PelloH before outward journey laying down us. In full middle of the night the wind and the rain rise. Xavier decides to put a second anchor by safety measure, the three boys thus find all on the bridge with 2h of the morning.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

In the morning, what a surprised ! We succeeded in fishing nevertheless, but well in spite of us ! And yes, a " trumpet " fell into additional and is asphyxiated. It has to jump there inadvertently and did not manage with to escape from it. We leave towards Martinique, Cœur a little heavy to find our respective jobs. We sail large broad, with a very beautiful swell of 1,5 m, which allows us to have a very reasonable speed of 7,5 Nœuds of average. We carry out our return in hardly 5h30 : much less time qu’one needed us for outward journey !

Fabrice and his camera are afflicted not to have seen dolphins or whales in the channel when, suddenly, I shout : " of the dolphins, the dolphins ". There are tens of them ! Xavier then takes again the bar for empanner and Fabrice plunges in the boat to seek his apparatus. is incredible there is all around Pelloc H of it’ : they are in front of, behind on the sides and with far. One is in a field of dolphins ! This magic meeting does not last a long time, but what a emotion ! We arrive at Schoelcher to unload but the engine of additional is drowned. Fabrice brings all our businesses on the beach to the oar and we regain bank with the stroke.

Oh there there ! That adventures ! Everyone is still under the shock to hear portable cars and telephones to sound. We become aware that we were disconnected from the world during these five marvellous days. We will have all very good memories of these moments, in particular thanks to the photographs our to defer Fabrice. He has qu’a thing to add : " Thank you PelloH and with when next navigation ? "